Before Scribbly Doodle, there was Jesse Harder. Wildly imaginative, and cursed with a deep obsession with sounds. When he was put on a basketball team as a child, all he could hear was the light taps and pops of the balls and sneakers across the gymnasium floor. So rather than play, he would tap dance to the sounds he heard. It was a compulsion. Tap dance led to drums, which led to guitar, which naturally led to singing. With those instruments he felt than anything was possible, that he could pour his soul into them forever. But then, through the grace of almighty Youtube, he discovered the most powerful and dynamic sound generating technology in the known universe. His face.

There seemed to be an unlimited amount of sounds to learn, and even more ways to arrange them into music. The beat possessed him. He soon lost the ability to sneak up on people, as there seemed to be a constant barrage of sound effects spewing from his mouth. Beatboxing took over his mind, body and soul, and Scribbly Doodle was born.


Scribbly Doodle is a beatboxing, guitar playing, bottle blowing looper. Let him hijack your imagination as he casts magical sounds, weaving and looping them together while they take you away on a journey through inner space. Time will bend, minds will be opened and paradigms will shift as he guides you through his scribbly, doodley loop.

His style spans the musical spectrum - including flamenco guitar, hip hop, funk, and even some dubstep - and is delivered with a quirky charm that only Scribbly Doodle could pull off. Whether he is delicately plucking away at the guitar, laying down heavy bass, or showing the crowd his imitation of a weedwacker, one this is certain - it’s always entertaining. If you’re lucky, he may even slip in and out of a language that he invented when he was young, Hubba Bubba.

The only way to get the full Scribbly Doodle experience is to see him live, and if you ever get the opportunity, it isn’t one that should be passed up.